As one of the very few truly integrated hotel developers and owner-operator companies in Europe, we have dedicated our years of achievements to inspire our guests through individuality and passion. We care not only about our guests but also about the physical environment and the social environment in which we operate. That is why our company, which has approximately 2,500 employees, dedicates significant time and resources to address our corporate social responsibilities seriously.

In our industry people will always need to travel the world. In fact, the travel industry has shown consistent and resilient growth year on year and we share the anticipation that more and more travellers will visit new and old destinations every year. This is particularly true with the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and other nations backing the trend and exporting tourism.

We can and will help our guests, our industry and our environment by accommodating the growth in global travellers in a sustainable way. Our guests, employees, suppliers and the communities within which we operate, demonstrate strong feelings and care for the environment and more personal and business choices are made today with such considerations in mind than in previous years.

We must harness this positive enthusiasm to take the lead in finding ways to mitigate our environmental impact and reduce the consumption of natural resources. Because this is a collaborative effort we have developed our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.

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